Probiotic India

  • What are probiotics?

    Etymologically, the term Probiotic stands for pro ("for") and the Greek adjective bios ("life"). According to FAO/WHO : Probiotics are "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Read more

  • Probiotics and health claims

    Probiotics have a broad scope in general health interventions like managing lactose intolerance, immunomodulation in chronic inflammatory metabolic disorders and infectious conditions, managing oral absorption syndromes, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, prevention of colon cancer, and for cardio protection by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. .Read more

  • Research on Probiotics

    Probiotic research and probiotic foods are fast growing topics as consumers’ awareness continues to increase. It is considered to be an intensive research area in the world. Several companies with national and international reputation are marketing the probiotic containing food products both globally and in India. India has emerged as the potential market for probiotic products with the entry of almost all the players in probiotic business. Read more

  • Make a better immune system

    Probiotic microorganisms have the capability to evoke both innate and adaptive immune effectors of the body with positive health benefits by keeping our gut healthy and protected from the invading pathogens.Read more